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Hello Book clubbers!
Thought I Knew You is an ideal book for book clubs, questioning the depth of the marital relationship and how well you can ever really know another person. 

If you select Thought I Knew You as your featured book, consider a Skype session with the author! Contact for times and availability. 

The following eight questions are suggested book club discussion questions regarding Thought I Knew You. They may contain mild spoilers, so please do not read unless you've read the book! 

  1. What do you believe to be the primary theme of Thought I Knew You?
  2. How does the character of Claire evolve throughout the novel as she deals with a “life with loose ends”? Do you think she makes the right choices and decisions when it comes to her children? When it comes to herself? Would you have made the same decisions?
  3.  What did you think happened to Greg? Did the resolution surprise you? Why or Why not?
  4.  One of Claire’s negative characteristics is selfishness. She openly claims to “use” Drew, to be self-involved, that her focus is inward – towards herself, her life and her children. Could you identify with Claire in this way, or did her selfishness stand out as a turn-off for you?
  5.  In the end, Claire says you can’t choose who you love or the path your life will take.  That “it just is”. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
  6. Thought I Knew You challenges the concept of really knowing another person – even if you’re married to them, and you share a life together. Do you think this is true for all married couples – that there are sides to a person that their spouse does not know? Does it matter if your spouse/significant other does not know every little thing about you?
  7. Claire and Drew have a long history of “missed chances”. Do you think Claire married the wrong man from the beginning? Even though that marriage gave her Hannah and Leah?
  8. What was the significance of Cody’s disappearance? Were you surprised by the resolution of this storyline?

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